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Name: Jett
Age: 33
OOC Journal: [personal profile] mangacide
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AIM: Masartham
Plurk: Mangacide

Character: Anna Marie/Rogue
Character Journal: [personal profile] southern_spitfire
Characters Age: 27
Hero or Villain: Hero
Series of Origin: X-men
Universe of Origin: Marvel
Personality: Rogue can be described as Unstable, or Quick Tempered, and both of those would probably be an understatement. However, she is also kind, carefree, and compasionate. She likes to make friends with people in spite of the fact that she is constantly worrying about what could happen to them if they should ever get too close.

Background: Rogue has no memory of her biological parents. Instead, she grew up with her extended family in the vicinity of Caldecott County, a fictional county in Mississippi. During that time, she befriended Cody Robbins. When Cody impulsively kissed her, Rogue's mutant powers emerged for the first time. Upon skin-to-skin contact, Rogue fully absorbed Cody's consciousness, memories, strengths, and weaknesses. Cody fell into a coma which lasted for years. In a later issue, Cody emerges from the coma thanks to aliens who wanted to use him in a plot to abduct Rogue. Rogue was so confused and overwhelmed by the experience that she too collapsed. The two were found days later by a search group composed of locals. Rogue, now revealed as a mutant, fled her home community, having earned the name "Rogue" because of the threat the community believed her to represent.

The shape-shifting mutant Mystique discovered Rogue living in a remote, wooded area wielding a shotgun. Mystique soon became Rogue's unofficial foster mother. Mystique raised Rogue for close to a decade and trained her to be a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Rogue fought alongside the Brotherhood against many superheroes.

During this time, she encountered the superhero Ms. Marvel (a.k.a. Carol Danvers). Rogue and Ms. Marvel fought and, through prolonged contact during which Ms. Marvel fought valiantly to retain her consciousness, Rogue absorbed Ms. Marvel's alien-based powers and memories permanently. Rogue gained Ms. Marvel's incredible strength, near-invulnerability, the power of flight, and a rarely-used mild form of ESP referred to as a "seventh sense".

Rogue has never been able to control her absorption power; any skin-to-skin contact activates it. Rogue sometimes retains residual memories of the people she touches. After having absorbed Ms. Marvel's life force and gaining her personality and powers permanently, she began to go through a life-changing period. She was now "remembering" the comparatively more-normal childhood that Carol Danvers had lived and seeing the wrong-doings of Mystique and her team for what they were. She was also feeling as though she was losing her own personality in the mix of residual memories, sometimes entirely succumbing to the Carol Danvers personality. She began to dislike the life she was leading more and more, but feared losing herself forever in the absorbed memories of others.

Desperate, she turned to Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men. Xavier's charity towards all mutants led him to welcome her into his home, regardless of his team having previously fought Rogue and in spite of the X-Men's own strong disagreements. He psychically examined her and invited her to join the X-Men and live at the mansion.
Her initial months with the team were rough and some of the team even threatened to leave if she was allowed to stay, but Professor Xavier reminded them of their ideals as X-Men and they gave her a chance. Over time she has earned the respect of all the X-Men and became a valued, trusted member of the team.

When a new member joined the X-Men, a Mutant named Remy LeBeau (aka Gambit). Rogue and Gambit were immediately attracted to each other. Rogue and Gambit's relationship has been strained, much thanks to her inability to control her absorption power and his dishonesty. As yet the two have yet to reconcile their feelings for eachother, and often take 'breaks' from their relationship in order to rehash over and over again weather they are indeed right for eachother. Cody Robbins, the first person to fall victim to Rogue's powers, was killed by Gambit's ex-wife Belladonna.

Recently, Rogue has been considering moving out of the X-mansion and finding her own place, though weather she will or not is still undecided.

Seuxality: Heterosexual

Powers and/or Special Skills: Rogue has the ability to temporarily absorb the memories, thoughts, and abilities (including superhuman abilities) of others via skin-to-skin contact. She cannot absorb the traits of energy beings (like Wonder Man, who is made of ionic energy), machines (like the Vision, a synthezoid), or cyborgs (such as Lady Deathstrike and the Prime Sentinels), and certain aliens (such as the Impossible Man, Magus of the Technarchy, Mojo, and the Silver Surfer) and powerful mystical entites (like Loki and Mephisto) have proved partially or wholly immune. This transference usually causes the victim to fall unconscious and/or become weakened, but it can kill if it is prolonged. The duration of this drain varies according to the length of time that the contact is maintained; the generally accepted ratio is 60 seconds of absorbed abilities for every 1 second of skin-to-skin contact. Prolonged contact also can result in a permanent impression of the template she absorbed. She has also on occasion used the powers and abilities of many beings simultaneously -- when fighting Nimrod, she temporarily absorbed and used the powers of Colosus, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat.

Early in her career, Rogue permanently absorbed the powers of Ms. Marvel, gaining superhuman strength, flight, near-invulnerability, and a "seventh sense". It is also hinted that she has/had mind probing immunity, however it must be noted that this could've been due to the presence of Carol Danvers' personality in her mind at the time, which made both personas immune to telepathy.

She permanently absorbed a large portion of the powers of the Japanese mutant superhero Sunfire as he was dying. She now has his power to absorb solar energy and convert it into ionized plasma. She can channel her solar powers through her hands as streams of fiery thermal energy, which can burn through almost anything. She can focus her energies inward to boost her strength to superhuman levels, or project it outward to surround herself in a protective force field aura. She also aquired the ability to view infra-red, and radiation immunity from Sunfire.

Current Location: New York, New York.

Anything else we should know? Having finally separated permanently from Carol Danvers, Rogue can no longer fly and is no longer invulnerable. However after years of effort she at last has her power under control and can now 'borrow' powers when she needs them and give them up when she is finished.

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